My friend Aleshka wrote two great poems that she was kind enough to give to me to put on my website! Here they are:

Playing Football

I run across

The 10-yard line

I turn and catch

The ball—it’s mine!

The enemy tries

To catch up to me

But it is too late

My team has vict’ry!

The rush that I feel

Pumps through my veins

I am psyched up

For another game!


I prowl around,

And with my yellow eyes,

I look for prey

To catch by surprise.

My teeth are sharp,

And my claws are cruel

As I challenge my helpless prey

To a vicious duel.

They are weak,

And I am strong,

And I know the battle

Cannot last long.

And yet a predator

Awaits even me,

The King of the Beasts

Who has always trodden free.

They hunt me always,

By day and by night,

And I can go nowhere

To get away from their sight.

A long weapon

They hold in their hand

And as they pull down their finger

A noise fills the land.

All animals flee

When they hear the noise, 

Except the one they have caught

With their long, deadly toys.

As the miserable animal

Lays in pain,

I feel pity

Even for one who would be my game.

So even me, the King of Beasts

Must flee

From things

That kill so easily.

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