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Bryan Davis writes Christian books for teens! Check out his books at:

1. Did you always want to be a writer?

No. Growing up I enjoyed sports, math, and science. As an adult, I started writing as a way to teach my kids how to write. That process ignited a passion to become an author.

2. What is the genre of your books?

Most of my books are Christian fantasy for youth. One series, Echoes from the Edge, is more mystery/suspense, but it still has some fantasy elements.
3. Do you think reading about magic can give people the wrong idea?

Reading about magic when it is described in a positive light can give people the wrong idea. The only magic in my books is performed by the “bad guys,” so that’s not a problem. I also think “magical” abilities can be allowed if the story is set in another world where the rules are different, especially if the abilities are given by God rather than an evil force.  
4. Are any characters in your books based on your family?  
There are no characters that match anyone in my family. I have borrowed a trait here and there, but there aren’t any exact matches.
5. What is your writing schedule? (In the mornings, nighttimes...)
When I’m in a writing season, I write all day and sometimes into the night. I also have promotion seasons when I go on book tours. On those days I don’t write at all.

  6. What is your goal in writing books for teens?


My goal is to inspire readers to be heroes for God, to believe in the power God provides for holy, courageous living.

Thanks for agreeing to do the interview! God bless!


This is my first interview with an author! Her name is Kat Heckenbach, and she's a Christian who writes books for young adults! Please check out her website at: 
The first chapter of her book 'Finding Angel' is really good, so check it out! Also a must see is her blog:
Ok, here's the interview!

1. Did you always want to be a writer?

 Well, yes and no. I actually grew up wanting to be an artist. I drew all the time and was very good. But, when I got to college (after deciding I'd like to teach art), I lost some of my interest in it. I had some phenomenal science teachers at the community college and ended up changing my major from Art Education to Biology. I never really went into science as far as work. I ended up teaching and tutoring (mostly math) until I had my son. Then I became a stay at home mom and eventually started homeschooling. Then, a couple of years ago I was overcome with the desire to write. I love reading Young Adult fiction--became completely addicted to the Harry Potter books and movies and Cornelia Funke's InkHeart series--and decided one day I just had to give it a try. Memories came streaming back that showed me it was a desire I'd always had. I read all the time from the time I was very young, but never thought I could do what those authors do, so I pushed the idea out of my head for so long. But, I suddenly remembered sitting on my bed when I was in highschool trying desperately to start a novel. I also remembered writing fourteen-page notes to my friends all the time, which should have been a clue that I like writing :). And I always got A's on my papers and essays. I just think I was so focused on my art and never had the self-confidence in writing. I didn't think I was interesting enough to come up with any grande and creative ideas. And, I was too young back then. I didn't have enough life experience. Now, I've been through a lot and all of that comes out in my writing.

 2. Did you grow up in a Christian home? 

I did, but my parents divorced when I was fifteen and I turned my back on the church we attended. I never lost my belief in Jesus as God's Son, but I pushed my relationship with Him to the side for years. It took me having kids of my own to realize how important that relationship was to me, and I rededicated my life to Christ a few years ago. 

3. What is the genre of your books?

 Young Adult fantasy. It's my favorite genre to read, so it comes naturally to write. 

4. Do you think reading about magic can give people the wrong idea?

 That is a touchy subject, isn't it? I was really shocked at how many parents prohibited their kids from reading Harry Potter because of magic. I had never given it a second thought. I'd grown up reading books with magic in them, and watching TV shows like "I Dream of Jeannie" and "Bewitched" (you've probably never heard of those, have you?). I pretended to be able to do magic all the time as a kid, and fantasized endlessly about other worlds where magic is normal. But I never thought of it as being evil. I never thought of it as something un-Christian. To me, it was an ability. THAT it where the difference lies. There is a HUGE difference between having an ability to make an object fly across a room and summoning evil spirits with Ouija boards and such. I make that VERY clear in my books. The problem is when that line gets confused, and someone steps into the occult thinking it is the same as fairytale magic. They are not the same at all. 

5. Are any characters in your books based on your family?

 That is an even touchier subject :). Just kidding. Actually, most of my characters are based on people I've known, but it's only bits and pieces of them, often mixed in together with other people and other characteristics that are completely made up. Angel's little brother, Zack, for instance, has a lot of the traits of my son. But, he's also very different. I have a character that has a lot of my dad in him, but also bits of other people. I think all writers draw on people they know for inspiration, but you can't just make a character wholly derived from someone you know. I let my characters develop on their own a bit, too. I've started with basing a particular character on someone I know, but as I write they seem to transform in my mind into someone quite different. 

6. What is your writing schedule? (In the mornings, nighttime....)

 I don't really have a schedule. I write when the inspiration hits. Often that is first thing in the morning. And sometimes I'm up way past midnight. I do my best plotting in the afternoon. I've spent many afternoons pacing around my garage and yard while my kids bike ride in front of our house. The neighbors probably think I'm nuts, walking in circles and looking like I'm talking to myself, with a notebook in my hand, scribbly madly. I also tend to write in spurts--I may go days or even a few weeks without working on something specific, but then sit down for an entire day or more and do nothing but write. 

7. How do you pronounce your name? : ) 

 Kat, just like "cat." Kidding. Heckenbach. Heck- like "oh, heck."  -en- with a short e.  -bach like the composer. It's German. And almost everyone pronounces it wrong :). I've considered using a pen name because of that, but I like my last name. 

Thanks for answering my questions! I can't wait to read your book! 

Hey, this was really fun! Thanks, Katie!