Bryan Davis writes Christian books for teens! Check out his books at: www.dragonsinourmidst.com

1. Did you always want to be a writer?

No. Growing up I enjoyed sports, math, and science. As an adult, I started writing as a way to teach my kids how to write. That process ignited a passion to become an author.

2. What is the genre of your books?

Most of my books are Christian fantasy for youth. One series, Echoes from the Edge, is more mystery/suspense, but it still has some fantasy elements.
3. Do you think reading about magic can give people the wrong idea?

Reading about magic when it is described in a positive light can give people the wrong idea. The only magic in my books is performed by the “bad guys,” so that’s not a problem. I also think “magical” abilities can be allowed if the story is set in another world where the rules are different, especially if the abilities are given by God rather than an evil force.  
4. Are any characters in your books based on your family?  
There are no characters that match anyone in my family. I have borrowed a trait here and there, but there aren’t any exact matches.
5. What is your writing schedule? (In the mornings, nighttimes...)
When I’m in a writing season, I write all day and sometimes into the night. I also have promotion seasons when I go on book tours. On those days I don’t write at all.

  6. What is your goal in writing books for teens?


My goal is to inspire readers to be heroes for God, to believe in the power God provides for holy, courageous living.

Thanks for agreeing to do the interview! God bless!

5/27/2009 01:10:16 pm

Yay! Bryan Davis is one of my fave writers. Not just because his books are good, but because he's a super-nice guy. That is so cool that you got to interview him :).

7/12/2009 09:38:19 pm

Wow...Katie, you have to tell me how you were able to set up these interviews.


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