My Grandparent's House - Katiedid
This paper was written by my friend, Andrea Joy, for our Composition class. I really enjoyed reading this, and she graciously agreed to my request to put this on my website.

                            My Grandparent's House
                                   by Andrea Joy

            My Grandparent’s house smells of peppermints. The rich, warm smell of African autumn tea and freshly brewed coffee seeps pleasantly through the house. It smells of books and soft, cozy leather couches, which sink down in a comfortable way when you sit down in them. It has a seasonal smell of Yankee candles. When it is spring it smells of the lively buds of flowers. In the summer it smells of the most fragrant flowers. In the fall it smells of spices and autumn leaves and pies of apple and pecan. During the winter, it smells of mints and pine trees. When it is Christmas time red and green decorate the living room. The house has many decorations. There are red berries and lush green leaves that hang down from over the fireplace. While it snows outside, when it is cold, there is always a roaring fire to warm the house. Then there’s the soft, lulling of the clocks. Delightfully warm, the white carpet rolls comfortably beneath your feet throughout the house. Hanging above the hearth there are wreathes of red, brown, and white.  

Note: If you enjoyed this paper, please let me know, so that I can pass that on to her. I'm sure she would appreciate it! ~Katie

Deanna Y
10/7/2009 06:37:09

Wonderful imagery


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