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My classmate Mary C. was kind enough to send me this poem she wrote! 

“Big and Bad vs. Tiny”

Shepherd boy on his way

To visit soldiers far away

Seven he knew, for they were kin

Brothers, all, and tan of skin

Upon arrival, David saw

A giant – the biggest of all

Goliath was the brute’s name

Far and wide was his fame

Goliath denied God and rattled,

“Let the best of you come battle”

But the Israelites, instead of fight

Just turned a pale white

With a prayer, young David declared,

“I’ll fight him! I’m not scared!”

His brothers said, “You’re just a boy!

Go home and play with your toys!”

To King Saul David went

In the hope the people would relent

Armor was brought for little Dave

Though too big, David did not wave

“Five smooth stones and God

Will be all I need. Nothing odd.”

So David met the giant with only sling

Fight begun, stone hurled with a “zing!”

Big Bad Goliath was now dead

So David cut off his head

Philistines may be horrified,

But Israel was saved, and God glorified!

Note from Katie: Now, I don't think we should cut off our enemies heads, but this was in the Old Testament, a time of wars, raiding etc. : )


My friend Aleshka wrote two great poems that she was kind enough to give to me to put on my website! Here they are:

Playing Football

I run across

The 10-yard line

I turn and catch

The ball—it’s mine!

The enemy tries

To catch up to me

But it is too late

My team has vict’ry!

The rush that I feel

Pumps through my veins

I am psyched up

For another game!


I prowl around,

And with my yellow eyes,

I look for prey

To catch by surprise.

My teeth are sharp,

And my claws are cruel

As I challenge my helpless prey

To a vicious duel.

They are weak,

And I am strong,

And I know the battle

Cannot last long.

And yet a predator

Awaits even me,

The King of the Beasts

Who has always trodden free.

They hunt me always,

By day and by night,

And I can go nowhere

To get away from their sight.

A long weapon

They hold in their hand

And as they pull down their finger

A noise fills the land.

All animals flee

When they hear the noise, 

Except the one they have caught

With their long, deadly toys.

As the miserable animal

Lays in pain,

I feel pity

Even for one who would be my game.

So even me, the King of Beasts

Must flee

From things

That kill so easily.


Since I love books and other book-like things, I was thinking of doing a book blog. If you have a poem or a story or song lyrics that you want to share, please let me know!