You know what one of my favorite things is? Cool water. I love swimming. But not in just lukewarm, muddy water. I like cold, clear water. I used to be on swimteam, so I greatly appreciate clear water. With clear water, you can find your goal. Just like being a Christian. To follow God, you need to find out what He wants of you. And the best way to find out is the clearest source, the Bible. Which isn't JUST a book. It's His Word. His living, breathing Word. So this summer, you'll find me swimming. Probably in a muddy lake. But even if I don't have clear water nearby geographically, I can know that clear water is not far off spiritually. For God is everywhere. You just have to take a deep breathe and dive in.


I don't know how interested people are about my personal life, but I guess since this is my blog, I have free rein to bore people. I can't believe that it's still light out till around 9:00!!!!! (Just a little random information.)


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Did you know that Patrick became a missionary to the very country (Ireland) where he had been held hostage as a youth? 
There's faith in God for you!


Have you ever read 1 Timothy 4:12? It is:
"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."
Think of today's society. There is SO much pressure on teenagers to 'act like an adult'. You know, smoke like one, drink like one, etc. Now, I'm not saying that all adults act like this, but there are a few. I don't think we, as teenagers, should feel like we need to act like 'an adult' to be listened to. I don't think we should act 'cool' so that people can respect us. When I read this verse for the first time, it shocked me. Imagine, an adult missionary preaching to a young man, maybe even a teen?! It felt like Paul was talking right to me. Better yet, that Jesus was talking to me, and telling me to get off my recliner, stop trying to be 'cool', and to get out there and be an example to EVERYONE with my speech, love, life, faith, and purity! I know it's hard to try to be 'perfect', and we will never succeed. And sometimes even our friends don't seem like they're helping us to be a good example. But, we have a Friend who is ALWAYS here for us, helping us even when our friends fail. I challenge you to try to be an example to everyone you know. If you feel lost, like you're the only one trying, know that God is there. 
And I'm trying too.
God help me! 


Is anyone up to writing a review, poem, short story etc.? 


Today I have school..... (Nooooo!) I also will volunteer at the library for about an hour. I wonder how many books I'll get?! MWa-Ha-Ha-Ha. : ) 
P.S. Happy Birthday to my GOOD friend, Kendall!


I just wanted to say thanks for all the people who left me a comment! It was soooo sweet! :o) 


I didn't want to create a blog with boring ramblings about my life. But I do have 1 major rule for reading my blog: If I write something important or serious from my life or Christian walk with God, I don't want my friends to poke fun, laugh at, or tease me. This is a blog by a fallen human being saved by grace who really just wants to write.  : )
Thanks! I'm glad you're reading this! Hopefully, you won't think my one rule is TOO much and just leave. 

And just to warn you, I'll even let you know what mood I'm in by the category, just so you'll know not to tease me next time I see you... :o)
   Thanks again for stopping by! : )