I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for not updating sooner! I have exams, papers, quizzes, assignments, etc. due soon. ICK! On the bright side, though, is that summer/freedom is coming soon! The time where I play tennis again, read forever, sleep in, go swimming....

My mom has already been talking to me about college (Shriek of horror), and I'm only in 9th grade now. But technically, I guess I do have to be thinking about college now, because there are certain required subjects I need to take in highschool, to be accepted in some colleges. It's really weird, though, when friends of the family will ask me: Where I plan to go to college, what will be my major, and what I will do after college. I've figured out that people don't like when my answer consists of: 

"Ummm... is college really necessary? I mean, Jesus didn't go to college!" 

Wrong answer

This is the answer they want: "Well, I'll be going to _______(insert college name here), for 4 years, and my major will be in _____ (insert major here), and then, after college, I'll be getting a great job to pay off my college loans, buying a nicer car, getting married to a guy I met in college, and buying a 2 story, 4 bedroom house in the suburbs!"

Correct Answer

Ok, so maybe I was exaggerating a LITTLE bit, but it seems like that to me! :)

A Couple of Updates:

1. I might have an author interview soon.

2. I'll be posting a book review of "The Thief" by Megan Whaler Turner soon. Or, well, as soon as I can write it. (nervous giggle)

3. My friend who was in the car accident is doing better. Her eye that is open is moving around, watching people, and she even is able to move her neck a little bit and clench her hand. Please keep praying! Apparently, she's still in a semi-coma, because she isn't able to talk and fully react to her surroundings. Does that sound about right? Because I'm not good with medical terms and all. 

4. How did you like the color change? Speaking of color, I discovered, that I only own one yellow clothing item. And I'm a girl! (Which means, I OWN MANY CLOTHING ITEMS!!!)  This was a major shock to me. Let's just call it an epiphany. Have you ever experienced finding out that you are missing a color from the rainbow in your shirt drawer? (This is probably a question for girls. But if you're a guy, be brave to answer!) :D

~Signing off, Katie  (I never get tired of saying that cool ending. It gives me 'Chills of Coolness") :D

The Author Interview is now up at the Book Pond! 

My friend is now moving to rehab, but she is still unconscious. I'm not really good at doctor stuff, so does anyone know what that means? 

I guess today is my "Not-Understanding-Anything-Day" because I also have another quest for you all! This Bible verse was emailed to me, and I'm not quite sure what it means. To use a fancy word, it INTRIGUES me. Could you help me figure it out? 

"God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship in spirit and truth."
~ John 4:24

Yesterday I helped my friend pick out a Bible that she is buying for a new guy in Sunday School. I hope he likes it! It's NIV and for teens. We went shopping at Ollie's, a good discount store that has an amazing selection of Bible. Do you have one near you? 

Has anyone ever read the Canterbury Tales? I'm reading it for my class, and so far I like it. We had to try to read it in Middle English in front of the whole class, and it was soooo funny! I suggest you research Middle English and find out what it sounds like! It seems sorta like our English, except they throw in odd sounding words. Bye for now!

Hi! This will be a quick post, because I have a few updates.

1. There will definitely be an interview in a few days. Lisa Sandell (the author of an amazing King Arthur book), has agreed to an interview!

2. My friend in the hospital is still unconscious, but the doctors took out the breathing tube, the drain in the brain, and they took off the neck brace. Thanks so much for your prayers! 

3. How do you like the new blog design?

I'll post more when I receive the interview answers! Thanks!
First, I'd like to say that I am sooooo sorry that I haven't been posting regularly! Last week, my three best friends were in a car accident. The oldest (17) was driving, and they hit a tractor trailer. The car was ruined. The oldest and middle (15), were not injured, but the youngest (13), hit her head, was bleeding, and is still unconscious. Again, this accident happened about a week ago. She was life-flighted to a great hospital a couple of hours away. She is in the PICU, and is hooked up to many things. Please, please pray! We've been visiting her a couple of times. The doctors said that she has brain damage, and may not be able to walk or talk again. But she is moving around when pinched, and she has twitched her hand a bit. Her eyes are open a little bit, but she is still not responding. I started a group on Facebook for her. She turned 14 a couple of days after the accident, so many people sent her birthday cards. Yesterday, when I was visiting, I spent a couple of hours reading the cards to her, and I started and finished the book of Esther, from the Bible. I know that she heard me, but she probably won't be able to remember what I said when she wakes up. I feel so depressed over this, but I can't mourn as if she's dead, because I fully believe God will heal her completely! Please pray for a miracle.  It might be a few days until I'll be posting again. Spring Break is over, and, while my mom didn't let me take off my regular school subjects that she teaches, I did get to take off my two Internet classes. I'll be posting a story I wrote for my Comp. class. It's called a Fractured Fairy-Tale, and I wrote it about Sleeping Beauty (one of my favorite princesses). So that will be uploaded to 'My Work'. 
If there are any problems or errors in it, please feel free to critique it, because I haven't gotten my grade back from my teacher, and I don't know what's wrong with it! Sorry about the lack of author interviews; I had asked a couple of authors, but they either didn't respond, or are not allowed. But as of now, there might be one soon. So keep checking back!

~Katie P.