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Anybody who would like to write something for this blog, please let me know. If you have a book review, quote, suggestion, interview idea, or C.T.T. (Christian Teen Testimony), please let me know!


Right now my mom,grandma,dog, and I are 'dog-sitting' for a family in the homeschool group. The reason was, my mom wanted my 9 year old dog to socialize. I thought that was only for humans, but, whatever. Oh, and I'm not angry or anything, just so you know. His name is Sidney, and he's 7. Or course, Rosie being a typical little dog, dominated him the instant he walked into the door. As soon as he walked into said door, I felt a little worried. I mean, for him. Not for Rosie. 'Cause she once was seen hanging off a big dog's neck while he was just happily walking along. She loves humans though. Just like I'm an only child, I think she's an only dog. Which, she is. Anyway, as he was wandering around, I started to feel calmer. Then I saw him walk over to the kitchen and..... well, let me just say that was the biggest puddle I have ever seen. I was stunned. Thankfully my friend Deanna was there to whisk me off to my room as soon as the emotional meltdown started. I mean, what can be more shocking than a total strange dog going to the bathroom ON YOUR KITCHEN FLOOR?!?!?!? But, I forgive him now...... And Rosie and Sidney are calmly (for now) lying on opposite sides of the room. Or course, he's backed into a corner, and Rosie is guarding my mom's legs from the evil dog! (Not my opinion by the way.) You can tell who is Alpha! Oh and he's a Norwegian Elk Hound. (That's for any interested dog lovers out there.)
But, Sidney IS nice, and I kinda feel sorry for him... We'll see how everything goes.


I haven't posted in awhile, so I need to think about what to say! I have to do the overhead in church next week, if anyone is interested. Ummmmm........ I'm playing tennis with my friend. My mom has played it for 30 years, so she is teaching us. We're getting better! We can serve correctly in a real game, keep score, volley correctly....etc. And we don't have to keep chasing the balls!!! Although my mom is annoyed that the balls rolled in some stinky, dirty puddles. She keeps smelling them and wrinkling her nose. Life is pretty much the same here. My dog is barking at other dogs on the block as usual. She thinks she owns the road. I'm doing the library summer reading program. I really wanted to finish the first day or week, like lat year, but my friend pointed out that it IS the SUMMER reading program, not the JUNE reading program. If anybody reads this please just leave a comment. 'Hi' or something would be nice. I want to see how many people actually read my boring blog posts. So, if you drop in, please comment! : )


I interviewed an author named Cindy Coloma. She I own her young adult book 'Ruby Unscripted', and it's really good! Check out the interview at the Book Pond.