The Author Interview is now up at the Book Pond! 

My friend is now moving to rehab, but she is still unconscious. I'm not really good at doctor stuff, so does anyone know what that means? 

I guess today is my "Not-Understanding-Anything-Day" because I also have another quest for you all! This Bible verse was emailed to me, and I'm not quite sure what it means. To use a fancy word, it INTRIGUES me. Could you help me figure it out? 

"God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship in spirit and truth."
~ John 4:24

Yesterday I helped my friend pick out a Bible that she is buying for a new guy in Sunday School. I hope he likes it! It's NIV and for teens. We went shopping at Ollie's, a good discount store that has an amazing selection of Bible. Do you have one near you? 

Has anyone ever read the Canterbury Tales? I'm reading it for my class, and so far I like it. We had to try to read it in Middle English in front of the whole class, and it was soooo funny! I suggest you research Middle English and find out what it sounds like! It seems sorta like our English, except they throw in odd sounding words. Bye for now!

4/16/2010 09:22:54 pm

Nice interview!

In answer to understanding the Bible verse, my first thing to say is "context, context, context." In context, it makes a LOT of sense! The background is Jesus is talking to the Woman at the Well, who says that they worship on their mountain and the Jews worship in Jerusalem, so she asks which is right. Jesus answers that a time will come when...(Insert John 4:24 here). So Jesus is pointing forward to the tearing of the veil in the curtain and that God would be with his people when they worship everywhere. The Gospel would spread to the Gentiles. Instead of worshipping God in a specific place, they need to worship him in their hearts. He also points to that just because you appear to be doing the will of God, like the Pharisees, it is the heart that God looks for and the heart that really matters.

I've read parts of the Canterbury Tales...I want to read more but my mom wanted to read the stories first...that was a year ago...and she forgot/doesn't have enough time


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