I haven't posted in awhile, so I need to think about what to say! I have to do the overhead in church next week, if anyone is interested. Ummmmm........ I'm playing tennis with my friend. My mom has played it for 30 years, so she is teaching us. We're getting better! We can serve correctly in a real game, keep score, volley correctly....etc. And we don't have to keep chasing the balls!!! Although my mom is annoyed that the balls rolled in some stinky, dirty puddles. She keeps smelling them and wrinkling her nose. Life is pretty much the same here. My dog is barking at other dogs on the block as usual. She thinks she owns the road. I'm doing the library summer reading program. I really wanted to finish the first day or week, like lat year, but my friend pointed out that it IS the SUMMER reading program, not the JUNE reading program. If anybody reads this please just leave a comment. 'Hi' or something would be nice. I want to see how many people actually read my boring blog posts. So, if you drop in, please comment! : )