Category: Mad - Katiedid
My mom and I heard from an old friend who was going to be in a play. So, trusting him, we went. He said that it was a really funny play. But, it turns, out, that he forgot to mention that it was an ADULT play. So I got up, and left during intermission because it was so crude. Isn't that annoying when you go someplace, or do something, and it wasn't what you expected? It's just that I hate when adults watch movies that are crude, or have romantic PG-13 stuff, that we aren't allowed to watch. I'm not saying at all that kids should watch those horrible movies, but I'm wondering why adult Christians think that it's OK to watch the horrible non-Christian adult movies! The kids of today will be adults, and if we see our parents or friends or people we respect watching something crude, someday some of the wayward kids will watch those too. And what kind of example are we giving to non-Christians when we laugh at the crude parts in movies? It's important that we remember who we live for, and that we also remember that people are constantly watching us, judging us by our actions.
By the way, the name of the play was, "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel". If you are an adult reading this, maybe you can give your point of view. Thanks for reading!