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Sorry about not posting recently! I've been busy with my Composition class, and I'll be posting a few of my newest writing samples. I even dedicated one to Shakespeare (in a mocking kind of way!) Am I the only one who loves giveaways? Do you go to websites where you can find giveaways? I just love getting a free book! : ) I've been reading "The Miracle Girls Series", which is really good. It's about four girls who are from different backgrounds, and they all share stories that they each have been rescued from an accident, by God. Then there's a book which I started, titled "Evil Genius" by Catherine Jinks, and it's interesting. The last book I'll mention is a book called "The Last Dragon" by Silvana De Mari. It's good so far! This little elf finds his way into the human world, and his perspective is so fresh and funny! He is AMAZED that humans eat rabbits, and so on. You should check it out! The snow is still here on the East Coast, but I'm done sledding. I'm sick of it! I own a big green, tent-like winter coat, which makes me look like a....well, I can't really find a description for it. It's one of a kind! :D  Isn't it annoying when there are so many weird books at the library? It's so hard to find something good, or something that would glorify God. Hopefully there should be a new author interview soon. Are there any authors you want me to ask in particular? Please comment if you do! Pop Question of the Day: How do you explain to a non-believer that God exists?
Great news! My grandma is home now, and feeling weak, but better! She decided not to get the bypass surgery, due to the big risk. Thanks all for praying! We really appreciate it! : ) Would anyone who reads this want to write a paragraph about the power of prayer? Please leave a comment if you do! I'll put it up on this blog.