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Right now my mom,grandma,dog, and I are 'dog-sitting' for a family in the homeschool group. The reason was, my mom wanted my 9 year old dog to socialize. I thought that was only for humans, but, whatever. Oh, and I'm not angry or anything, just so you know. His name is Sidney, and he's 7. Or course, Rosie being a typical little dog, dominated him the instant he walked into the door. As soon as he walked into said door, I felt a little worried. I mean, for him. Not for Rosie. 'Cause she once was seen hanging off a big dog's neck while he was just happily walking along. She loves humans though. Just like I'm an only child, I think she's an only dog. Which, she is. Anyway, as he was wandering around, I started to feel calmer. Then I saw him walk over to the kitchen and..... well, let me just say that was the biggest puddle I have ever seen. I was stunned. Thankfully my friend Deanna was there to whisk me off to my room as soon as the emotional meltdown started. I mean, what can be more shocking than a total strange dog going to the bathroom ON YOUR KITCHEN FLOOR?!?!?!? But, I forgive him now...... And Rosie and Sidney are calmly (for now) lying on opposite sides of the room. Or course, he's backed into a corner, and Rosie is guarding my mom's legs from the evil dog! (Not my opinion by the way.) You can tell who is Alpha! Oh and he's a Norwegian Elk Hound. (That's for any interested dog lovers out there.)
But, Sidney IS nice, and I kinda feel sorry for him... We'll see how everything goes.