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I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for not updating sooner! I have exams, papers, quizzes, assignments, etc. due soon. ICK! On the bright side, though, is that summer/freedom is coming soon! The time where I play tennis again, read forever, sleep in, go swimming....

My mom has already been talking to me about college (Shriek of horror), and I'm only in 9th grade now. But technically, I guess I do have to be thinking about college now, because there are certain required subjects I need to take in highschool, to be accepted in some colleges. It's really weird, though, when friends of the family will ask me: Where I plan to go to college, what will be my major, and what I will do after college. I've figured out that people don't like when my answer consists of: 

"Ummm... is college really necessary? I mean, Jesus didn't go to college!" 

Wrong answer

This is the answer they want: "Well, I'll be going to _______(insert college name here), for 4 years, and my major will be in _____ (insert major here), and then, after college, I'll be getting a great job to pay off my college loans, buying a nicer car, getting married to a guy I met in college, and buying a 2 story, 4 bedroom house in the suburbs!"

Correct Answer

Ok, so maybe I was exaggerating a LITTLE bit, but it seems like that to me! :)

A Couple of Updates:

1. I might have an author interview soon.

2. I'll be posting a book review of "The Thief" by Megan Whaler Turner soon. Or, well, as soon as I can write it. (nervous giggle)

3. My friend who was in the car accident is doing better. Her eye that is open is moving around, watching people, and she even is able to move her neck a little bit and clench her hand. Please keep praying! Apparently, she's still in a semi-coma, because she isn't able to talk and fully react to her surroundings. Does that sound about right? Because I'm not good with medical terms and all. 

4. How did you like the color change? Speaking of color, I discovered, that I only own one yellow clothing item. And I'm a girl! (Which means, I OWN MANY CLOTHING ITEMS!!!)  This was a major shock to me. Let's just call it an epiphany. Have you ever experienced finding out that you are missing a color from the rainbow in your shirt drawer? (This is probably a question for girls. But if you're a guy, be brave to answer!) :D

~Signing off, Katie  (I never get tired of saying that cool ending. It gives me 'Chills of Coolness") :D