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First, I'd like to say that I am sooooo sorry that I haven't been posting regularly! Last week, my three best friends were in a car accident. The oldest (17) was driving, and they hit a tractor trailer. The car was ruined. The oldest and middle (15), were not injured, but the youngest (13), hit her head, was bleeding, and is still unconscious. Again, this accident happened about a week ago. She was life-flighted to a great hospital a couple of hours away. She is in the PICU, and is hooked up to many things. Please, please pray! We've been visiting her a couple of times. The doctors said that she has brain damage, and may not be able to walk or talk again. But she is moving around when pinched, and she has twitched her hand a bit. Her eyes are open a little bit, but she is still not responding. I started a group on Facebook for her. She turned 14 a couple of days after the accident, so many people sent her birthday cards. Yesterday, when I was visiting, I spent a couple of hours reading the cards to her, and I started and finished the book of Esther, from the Bible. I know that she heard me, but she probably won't be able to remember what I said when she wakes up. I feel so depressed over this, but I can't mourn as if she's dead, because I fully believe God will heal her completely! Please pray for a miracle.  It might be a few days until I'll be posting again. Spring Break is over, and, while my mom didn't let me take off my regular school subjects that she teaches, I did get to take off my two Internet classes. I'll be posting a story I wrote for my Comp. class. It's called a Fractured Fairy-Tale, and I wrote it about Sleeping Beauty (one of my favorite princesses). So that will be uploaded to 'My Work'. 
If there are any problems or errors in it, please feel free to critique it, because I haven't gotten my grade back from my teacher, and I don't know what's wrong with it! Sorry about the lack of author interviews; I had asked a couple of authors, but they either didn't respond, or are not allowed. But as of now, there might be one soon. So keep checking back!

~Katie P. 
Yesterday, around 1:30 in the morning, my grandma had a heart attack. I had trouble sleeping, which must have been a God thing, because all of a sudden she came out of her room saying that she had trouble breathing. Her name is Viola, and she lives with us. So we decided to drive to the emergency room, instead of getting an ambulance. We were there for a couple hours, praying that she would be okay. It was so sad seeing her jabbed with lots of needles. Thankfully, today she is in a comfortable hospital room for patients with heart issues. She has had a heart attack before, so this would be her second. The nurses said that these three things are what makes a heart attack painless: 1. Women (they generally have less pain than men) 2. Diabetic people 2. Elderly people. She had no pain, which was good. We'll find out more tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers!