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Life is complex. Or is it? Some people think life is too difficult or tangled. Depression then sets in. Still others consider life as something exceedingly simple; something that only principles or ideas could solve. There are problems on both ends of the scale. But is there really a middle? Can anyone truly figure out the complexities of life? Can someone perfectly balance in the middle? There WAS one. But many 'philosophers' of his day considered him only a lowly carpenter. Can anyone truly be one thing? A wise man became a servant, a king; a carpenter. Sometimes some of the greatest deeds in history have been the result of great sacrifice. Some of the greatest sacrifices are made when a person who has something valuable to him, throws it all away. And saves. Which takes us back to the one person who  completely understood the reason that there is life. He understood that reason with his whole body, mind, heart, and soul. The answer is love. It's because of love that had God create us. It's love that had Him create beautiful things for our pleasure. There IS a reason He forgave us time after time after time. It's not because of greed, but all-loving sacrifice made by an all-forgiving God. Now, THAT principle is simple, yet complex.


My Internet class was talking about how marriage is sacred. I shared something that I want to share here too.

I was talking to my friend the other day about dating and marriage. I told her not to date until she is older, and finds a good Christian man that she is positive she wants to spend her life with. And she asked me a question that made me immediately start to pray that I could answer. She asked me, " But, what if I marry a non-Christian? What if he's not that bad, and I could even lead him to the Lord. And besides, it would be considered judging him if I didn't marry him just because he wasn't a Christian. Isn't the Bible against judging?" So then I started explaining the 'do not be unequally yoked' passage in the Bible. Which she didn't understand. So I put it in plain English. This is what I said.
'Even if a non-Christian man was a great guy; kind, friendly, a man who made good decisions, his life would not be centered around the Lord. So, what else could his life be centered around? Cars? Being kind all the time? What is there in his heart that occupies the space set aside for God? Marriage is sacred, set aside for God. Created for the glory of God. So, at some point, the non-Christian guy who could be the nicest guy ever, would fall short compared to the Christian guy. Why? Because the Christian guy lifts God up, praises God, and sets God as Lord of his life.' 

So that's what I told her. I'm sure it's not a great work of literature, or even something that could be preached from a pulpit. Because all it is is a teenage girl's ramblings. But I know, that I couldn't have come up with this myself. And I am SO glad I prayed to the Lord for Him to help me. Because I couldn't have done it without Him. I couldn't have come up with the words to tell my friend that marriage is sacred, created and set aside for God.
I don't know if it even sunk in. I don't know if it will affect her life. But I know that it has made me a stronger Christian by thinking about this. I hope this helps you.
I pray that you set aside God as your King, because He deserves it. 


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Today my friend and I went to the library. Yes, I know, the place I can't live without, or so my friends say. There's a nice park right next to the library, one where the Homeschool group I belong to goes to play (or talk as the teens like to do) every week. Well, I was the only one there because it was windy, cloudy, and rainy (my friend decided to hide out in the library; I don't blame her). Of course, rainy, cloudy, and windy is my favorite kind of day, so I had fun being there my myself. But, sometimes, I feel really out-of-touch with God. Life get's so busy, that sometimes it's even hard to just have a quiet talk-to-God time. So, while I was sitting on a swing in the rain, I decided to have a chat. It was AMAZING!! I could see green grass, and birds were constantly chirping! I know to some people that's not considered amazing, but it's honest-to-goodness, breathing life. And very complex. It was like my Father was saying that he loved me, and that life is a gift from Him! So, even if you have a busy schedule, of if you're mad at God thinking your life is messed up, just go outside and think of all He's done for you. All He's created. Maybe you prefer sunny days, or sunsets, or nighttime, but try to find a place to just be quiet, and listen to your Father. I know you won't be disappointed. 


You know what one of my favorite things is? Cool water. I love swimming. But not in just lukewarm, muddy water. I like cold, clear water. I used to be on swimteam, so I greatly appreciate clear water. With clear water, you can find your goal. Just like being a Christian. To follow God, you need to find out what He wants of you. And the best way to find out is the clearest source, the Bible. Which isn't JUST a book. It's His Word. His living, breathing Word. So this summer, you'll find me swimming. Probably in a muddy lake. But even if I don't have clear water nearby geographically, I can know that clear water is not far off spiritually. For God is everywhere. You just have to take a deep breathe and dive in.


Have you ever read 1 Timothy 4:12? It is:
"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."
Think of today's society. There is SO much pressure on teenagers to 'act like an adult'. You know, smoke like one, drink like one, etc. Now, I'm not saying that all adults act like this, but there are a few. I don't think we, as teenagers, should feel like we need to act like 'an adult' to be listened to. I don't think we should act 'cool' so that people can respect us. When I read this verse for the first time, it shocked me. Imagine, an adult missionary preaching to a young man, maybe even a teen?! It felt like Paul was talking right to me. Better yet, that Jesus was talking to me, and telling me to get off my recliner, stop trying to be 'cool', and to get out there and be an example to EVERYONE with my speech, love, life, faith, and purity! I know it's hard to try to be 'perfect', and we will never succeed. And sometimes even our friends don't seem like they're helping us to be a good example. But, we have a Friend who is ALWAYS here for us, helping us even when our friends fail. I challenge you to try to be an example to everyone you know. If you feel lost, like you're the only one trying, know that God is there. 
And I'm trying too.
God help me! 


I didn't want to create a blog with boring ramblings about my life. But I do have 1 major rule for reading my blog: If I write something important or serious from my life or Christian walk with God, I don't want my friends to poke fun, laugh at, or tease me. This is a blog by a fallen human being saved by grace who really just wants to write.  : )
Thanks! I'm glad you're reading this! Hopefully, you won't think my one rule is TOO much and just leave. 

And just to warn you, I'll even let you know what mood I'm in by the category, just so you'll know not to tease me next time I see you... :o)
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