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A few days ago I went with my Youth Group to a place called Lincoln Cavern in PA. It was a little disconcerting knowing that I was going hundreds of feet down into the earth where there IS NO AIR!!!! I'm such a great person to take underground...... Not. I don't think I really panicked outwardly, other than setting my face like I'm walking to my doom. No, actually at first, I was pretty scared, but then as we got deeper, I got used to the cool air, which I LOVE!! And I saw 2 cute little bats! A couple days ago I went to an amusement park named 'Knoebels'. It was big!!! It was a family friendly park. My friend's B-Day party was held there, and I even surprised myself and got on a flume! And, yes, I do ride things that are fast. ( Like my mom's driving on back roads).But I kinda prefer things a little closer to the ground! Like little kiddie rides. Just kidding!! Anyway, the flume dropped straight down into a pool of water. I asked my friend if she could scream with me, and she happily agreed. It was embarrassing though, when I realized that 5 year old boys were happily grinning when they dropped down. But my excuse is that I am a delicate female..... ; ) (R-i-g-h-t...) I'm not usually a screamer. I usually either have a face like a stone (as in, I'm not ready to die!!!), or I do a little shriek. But that day, I wanted to break my silent record. And break it I did!!! All day I had trouble talking because of my hoarse throat. But it was fun! And my friend really helped me! I mean, a friend is someone willing to scream WITH you. If you ever go to 'Knoebels', you should get their cheese fries. Oh, sooooo good!!!!! So, other than that, my life is pretty normal. Well, as normal as it can get with school (shudders). I REFUSE to submit to its harness! I will persevere!!! ; ) 

~Signing Off, Katie (Oh, I love doing that!)
9/24/2009 08:13:03

I love caves, but I do agree it can be disconcerting to know you're going down, down, down... We went to Ruby Falls once and you have to take an elevator down--the cave part didn't bother me, but riding an elevator down the inside of a mountain did!

9/26/2009 03:01:51

hahaha...good post...very funny

Katie (author of the blog)
9/26/2009 10:55:13

Thanks, Josiah! Wow Kat, I can't believe that they actually had an elavator in a CAVE!!! I think I would have "held down the fort" outside of the cave, like where there is fresh air and all...... : )


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