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I just got back from visiting my relatives! We had a big dinner, and I played Wii for the first time! My body is still sore... I jumped over logs, I ran, I played jump-rope, I did baseball, tennis, and boxing! Boxing was especially fun, and I won against many huge 'guys'. Ok, so they're little people in a TV screen, but still! I also went out there to celebrate my B-day (Nov. 1st) with one of my best friends who lives out there! Her B-Day is close to mine, so we did a double party. I also went to a creepy Halloween store. (shudders) All the things were either: (1). Gory or (2). Sleazy.
Like, I saw bloodied hands hanging from meat hooks, or else I saw outfits for adult women called 'The Sexy Firefighter'. I mean, really. How corny can you get?!?!?This is such a crazy world. But, anyway, the reason I went there was to look for elf ears! And I found them! I had so much fun showing them off, hearing the gasps, and having my family say, "Wow, they look so natural! You really look like an elf!"

Signing off~ Katie
10/19/2009 07:08:51

Cool! Elf ears--now you can be a character in my novels :).

I know what you mean about the costumes. It irritates me, too. Taking my kids to look for costumes, and having to shield their little eyes from some of them because they are so gory or trashy. I don't get how throwing "sexy" in front of something and making it short and tight qualifies it as a costume!

My son actually gave up and decided not to even dress up this year, and he's only nine. My daughter (who is seven) is going to be a cheerleader. With vampire teeth. I still haven't figured out why...

Katie (author of blog)
10/19/2009 23:45:23

Hmmm.... cheerleader.... with vampire teeth.....
I need to figure that out! : ) When I was in the store, I saw a little girl, maybe 5, wanting to be a witch! They even had a big section of the store devoted to VERY sleazy lingerie....... (sigh)

Deanna Y
10/21/2009 09:05:21

I gotta see these elf ears...

10/21/2009 21:16:00

I got sore first time I did Wii too...I think I pulled a muscle to...

Katie (author of website)
10/21/2009 23:44:41


I bet that's what I did, Josiah! Boxing is a very trying sport! :o)


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