I've been really busy lately with finishing school! : )
So far I have finished: Math, (Now I can do people's taxes! )Science (shudders,) Spelling (which I asked to take), and Bible (a cool book). I just have Creative Writing left. It's a REALLY good book! It's called Jump In: A Workbook for Eager and Reluctant Writers.
(Or is it Reluctant and Eager Writers?!) Sooooooo good! I suggest you check it out. And it's for ALL age groups!

Enough with the free advertising.

I had HUGE tests in Science and Math, and I'm just glad that I'm done them. I still have my two Internet classes, and my 2 BIG exams are coming up. Next week to be exact. So please pray that I remember all the names and information. We have a time limit of 4 or 5 hours because it has lots of different sections. And I usually have to use all the time that is given to me.
It just occurred to me that we only have 3 months 'till the next school year!!!!! I mean, I knew that, but it never really sunk in. I was talking, (like I've never done that before, right?!) and I said, "I don't need to read this book for school 'till next year." But 'next year' is only 3 MONTHS away!!!!!! The days of freedom I'm so looking forward to are soon going to completely disappear!!!!!

Sorry to take up your time reading about my emotional meltdown....... Please excuse me while I go find a box of tissues...... :o)


Good Luck!!


Oh, I remember exam days! I'm sure you'll do great!

Katie (author of blog)

Thanks! : )


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