I just wanted to post something real quickly: My family is on our way to FL!!!! YAY!!!! We're in Georgia right now, and it is so cold! We saw our first palm tree, which my mom hugged! : ) I love going to thrift stores, and looking for books, and spending hours at the Barnes and Noble bookstore! There is this great fast food restaurant called Checkers, just for anyone who wants to try something new. It's in Florida, and some in the 
1/24/2010 03:17:43 am

Too funny. I've been around so many palm trees I could go the rest of my life without seeing another one and it would be too soon :). And it's definitely not cold down here today.

Checkers is pretty good, but if you can find yourself a "Five Guys" you'll be in for even more of a treat!

I agree with you about Barnes and Noble--I can spend hours and hours there....

1/25/2010 09:00:46 am

Cool! That's funny about the palm tree.

Barnes and Nobles is...the dream store...or simply known as the best store ever invented. :-)


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