We just put up our Christmas tree! My family is in the process of writing our Christmas letter, which mean it will take LOTS of time having to put on address labels, stamps, etc. I was going to have two interviews with authors, but they haven't sent back their answers to the questions yet. So keep checking back! Winter is here, and I can finally go sledding! YAY! Of course, that means that I'll have to shovel now instead of mow. I also have had to read Beowulf for one of my Internet classes. Has anyone read it? My mom has banished me from any closet places and her room, because of the fact that Christmas gifts are being hidden. I always feel shunned around Christmas time!:o) Does your mom ever put the gifts under the tree one or two weeks before? Are you ever forbidden from touching or shaking the gifts before hand, just in case you guess what they are?!?!?  : ) 

12/13/2009 08:16:48 pm

I've read Beowulf before. My mom doesn't put out the gifts under the tree until the day or two days before Christmas. However, after she wraps them she puts them all down in the basement where "everyone" can see them. So, of course, she forbids us from snooping around there.


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