Isn't it weird that Christmas day is only a week away? We get so excited about all the gifts under the tree, but somehow we seem to forget the reason WHY we celebrate. I tell myself this every year, "I REFUSE to become one of those millions of people who completely forget Jesus' birth, and what we celebrate on Christmas day." And then I always feel guilty when I wake up on Christmas day bouncing up and down because of PRESENTS. I even write a schedule for Christmas: 9:00- wake up. 9:05- go to the bathroom...... And I give it to every family member! Now, it IS human to want to get gifts, so we can all understand the excitement of tearing the wrapping paper to shreds, to reveal a beautiful book. (That's what I get excited about. You could be different.) Now, I really don't expect us to calmly get out of bed, walk calmly to the tree, veer left, sit down on a chair, and meditate. But, before we open presents, is it so hard to sit down as a family, and read the story of Jesus' Birth? Is it so hard to pray BEFORE we come into the room squealing, and thank God for sending His Son? Because, really, that's the reason we have salvation. That's the reason, we can live life with hope for tomorrow.
12/24/2009 12:43:14 am

I agree with you all the way!


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