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My Internet class was talking about how marriage is sacred. I shared something that I want to share here too.

I was talking to my friend the other day about dating and marriage. I told her not to date until she is older, and finds a good Christian man that she is positive she wants to spend her life with. And she asked me a question that made me immediately start to pray that I could answer. She asked me, " But, what if I marry a non-Christian? What if he's not that bad, and I could even lead him to the Lord. And besides, it would be considered judging him if I didn't marry him just because he wasn't a Christian. Isn't the Bible against judging?" So then I started explaining the 'do not be unequally yoked' passage in the Bible. Which she didn't understand. So I put it in plain English. This is what I said.
'Even if a non-Christian man was a great guy; kind, friendly, a man who made good decisions, his life would not be centered around the Lord. So, what else could his life be centered around? Cars? Being kind all the time? What is there in his heart that occupies the space set aside for God? Marriage is sacred, set aside for God. Created for the glory of God. So, at some point, the non-Christian guy who could be the nicest guy ever, would fall short compared to the Christian guy. Why? Because the Christian guy lifts God up, praises God, and sets God as Lord of his life.' 

So that's what I told her. I'm sure it's not a great work of literature, or even something that could be preached from a pulpit. Because all it is is a teenage girl's ramblings. But I know, that I couldn't have come up with this myself. And I am SO glad I prayed to the Lord for Him to help me. Because I couldn't have done it without Him. I couldn't have come up with the words to tell my friend that marriage is sacred, created and set aside for God.
I don't know if it even sunk in. I don't know if it will affect her life. But I know that it has made me a stronger Christian by thinking about this. I hope this helps you.
I pray that you set aside God as your King, because He deserves it. 

5/4/2009 06:21:10

you made a good point...i agree (:

Katie (author of blog)
5/5/2009 07:49:25

Cool... a backwards smiley!!!

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