Isn't it annoying waiting for books to come out? I hate that! There are so many books that I wish could be out, but will only come out for another couple of months!
To name a few:  
Fang~ by James Patterson
Heist Society~ by Ally Carter
Book #2 (after the Vanishing Sculptor) ~ by Donita K. Paul
Book #2 (after the Curse of the SpiderKing)~ by Wayne Batson and Christopher Hopper
So Over my Head ~ by Jenny B. Jones

Are there any you are waiting for that would be good to recommend? 

1/13/2010 08:37:31 pm

I can't wait for Fablehaven Book 5(the Fablehaven series are about mythical creatures that are kept in special sanctuaries throughout the world because they are dangerous or easily can be killed. However, some evil people want to release some of the most dangerous of them...).

I also can't wait for Lord Sunday, seventh book in the Keys to the Kingdom. (A series of books about a boy who finds another universe that is supposed to rule over the other universes but was corrupted by seven different evil rulers, all of which control a day of the week.) The book was SUPPOSED to come out last August still isn't out yet.


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