Cindy Coloma writes for teens and adults. She is a talented Christian author, and a good influence to teens through her writing. 'Ruby Unscripted' deals with many controversial issues that are in our world today. Her website is: www.cindycoloma.com, and her website made specifically for her new book 'Ruby Unscripted', is: www.cindycoloma-ya.com.Here's the interview:

1. What is your goal by writing books for teens?
When I write, I guess I don't have a true "goal." Instead, I explore and unearth stories - at least that's how it feels. My teen years were very tumultuous, so I hope that the stories that I write for teens provide the sense that they aren't alone, they are of great worth and value, and that their dreams can most certainly come true. I'm from a small town and still live 20 miles from my childhood house (my parents are still there). I've had so many dreams come true, and I continually am in pursuit of God's purposes for me. It's truly "if I can do it, you can do it." So I hope my books helps teens experience the wonders of life, God, art, dreams, purpose, and especially the beauty and wonder that is in each individual. And maybe my readers won't struggle as I did or make TOO many mistakes along the way (and to learn from the ones they do make).
2. What is the genre of your books?

I have books that are general fiction, women's fiction, literary fiction, and now my Y/A novels (that are mostly dramatic with at least a thread of a love story - if not a lot). I've also coauthored 2 nonfiction books.  
3. What is your most recent book?

Ruby Unscripted just came out! The main character, Ruby, moves from her small town to a much more elite area of California, and while she's getting closer to her dreams, she's torn between her old life and the new. Her father lives back in her hometown (the family is divorced with parents remarried). It's a lot about how dreams take courage and faith to come true, and how God is with us in the journey. There's also a cute mysterious guy, of course! : ) I have another Y/A novel coming out in October called Beautiful. Ellie and Megan are two sisters who don't get along and are very different (Ellie has everything going for her, Megan is rebellious and artistic). Then one of the sisters experiences a tragedy that shapes both of their lives, forcing them to each face their worth and the question of what is "beautiful." I think it touches subjects all of us females struggle with. 

My most recent in the works -- I'm writing a more classic love story. The two characters are true kindred souls who face huge challenges that often destroys such love or dilutes it into nothing. I'm in the beginning stages of this one.

  4. Did you grow up in a Christian home?

I did, but I went through some rebellious teen years. It was a transition from my childhood faith to questioning that faith and feeling discontent (and confused) to finally rediscovering God (and that was really just the beginning of the adventure of growing closer to God). 

5. What is your writing schedule?

Crazy! : ) I usually read and write a lot every day, but there are a lot of things that try dividing my time. I'm naturally a very unorganized procrastinator as so many creative people are. I work hard to stay focused and work on my schedule (sometimes I have to bribe myself - you can go see that new movie if you reach your word count goal, etc). Sometimes I work very early in the morning, other times late at night (I'm a night owl mostly). I always work during the day too - but sometimes that's on writing coach projects or marketing or articles or something. I'm always working to improve my schedule, but it's not easy for me. I'd have a tough time going to a job that didn't let me where my fuzzy slippers in the morning. It's after midnight as I write this and I play to be up for hours more tonight. : )
  6. On some of your books, you name is spelled 'Cindy Coloma', and on others 'Cindy Maritnusen'. Why is that?

I got married 2 years ago! So I'm in the transition of changing my books to my new name -- not an easy task! Some of my first books are written under Cindy McCormick Martinusen (tricky indeed!).   


Your welcome! I'm glad that you could come and do the interview!

Deanna Y
6/20/2009 04:40:05 am

You do such a great job on your interviews!

Katie (author of blog)
6/20/2009 10:50:08 am

: ) Awwwwww!!!! Thanks! Do you have a book review or something that you want to do?


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