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Wow! It's been a long time since I updated! Hmmm..... Let's see. The news here is: I'm hopefully getting a blue streak in my hair! :D I want one up kinda near the front, but the nice thing is that it'll wash away in about a month. So right now I'm trying to convince my mom to let me get one. My goal is to get it by the time I lose ten pounds. I've been doing a 10 grams or less sugar diet (only ten grams of sugar for each meal), and so far I've lost 3 pounds! I'm so excited! I wanted to get in shape for the summer. Right now in science I'm studying about veins and arteries, which makes my body go numb. I think it's all in my head. : ) I've been waiting for some books to come out, and hoping the library will buy them, but we're going through a money decrease. The government isn't giving the libraries around here much money. So, at the risk of starting a political debate, what do you think of the new Healthcare Law?
Hi everyone! I wanted to post a couple of things. This Powerpoint link was sent to me by one of my friends. It is soooo funny and amazing! Also, I found out I won't be ably to interview Cornelia Funke, because she doesn't give interviews for schools or websites. :( Any other suggestions? Well, I spoke in church about Impact, and I did OK! (I had been soooo scared! As I said before, stages don't like me!) I've been cooking for my grandma, and taking care of the house, etc. I was amazed that the food I made wasn't poisonous! : ) Have you ever watched McLintock? It's a funny movie with John Wayne in it. It's a Western. The snow here is gone! YAY! Finally! My ramblings aren't really that important, but nothing much is happening where I live! Other than the slightly interesting fact where I had in injury when I was cooking. I felt so stupid walking to the kitchen with a box of Band-Aids! Have you had any injuries in the kitchen, or am I just clumsy?
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I went to a big seminar called Impact over the weekend! It was amazing! There were over 1000 teenagers there! We stayed at the Hilton, and it lasted three days. The speaker was Bob Lenz, who was really funny and did a good job at speaking about life issues today, in a different way. He wrote a great book, called Grace, which I own. Here's part of his bio:

Author and international speaker, Bob Lenz, has an intense passion to share the love of Christ. Whether for an audience of 10 or 10,000, Bob Lenz connects with the hearts and minds of youth like no other speaker can. He shares experiences that help youth deal with real life while igniting their faith, instilling hope and challenging them to make a difference in their world.

He captures the audience’s attention with hilarious true stories, embarrassing moments and a healthy dose of personal guffaws. His stories leave youth rolling in laughter, bringing down the walls of skepticism and removing any expectation that it was just going to be another boring motivational speech. Within moments, he can share another side to the stories that makes a point about the condition of the human heart and the grace of God, leaving an entire audience hushed in reflective silence and hanging on every word. 

Bob Lenz speaks to over 350,000 teens and parents across North America each year through school assembly programs and faith-based outreaches and events. His down-to-earth style and genuine concern leave a lasting impression.

The rest of his Bio is on his website:

I wanted to say how much I appreciated the people who work at the Hilton, because they were so kind to all of us! 

The band was Mike'sChair, which did a great job! Check out their website:

Impact was an amazing retreat! I think
 there are a couple across America, but check to be sure! If you're a teen, this would be great for you to go to! Their website is:
This is the adult response to my previous post that writer Kat Heckenbach was so kind as to email me.

I was going to leave a comment, but it's too hard on my eyes in that little box ;). I wanted to say a few things about your post. First, good for you! For leaving the play, for standing up for morals. It's something you'll never regret.

As for plays and movies being full of crudeness and obscenity....that's a hard topic to tackle. But since you asked for adult opinions, I decided to oblige the best I can. Part of the problem is the people who write/produce/direct the plays and movies. And part of it is the audience. The truth is, it's a secular world out there. Non-Christians are more abundant in the entertainment industry. So, the movies and plays are written by secular society, for secular society. And there just isn't enough funding out there for purely Christian entertainment. 

So, in a way, we as Christians are kind of stuck with it. We learn to sludge past the "bad" parts to get to the "good" parts. We each have a line that we refuse to cross, though. For some the line is closer than others. I've had to refuse to read books my book club has chosen because of graphic content. I can skim over a certain amount, but when it's on page after page, I just have to close the book and move on, just like you did with the play.

What saddens me is that language and inappropriate content seems to be expected. It's almost plugged in just for shock value or to make the movie's rating higher. I've been SO angered by movies--Transformers, for instance--that throw words and actions in to make the movie more appealing to an older audience. So, my son, who is nine--the "right" age for the movie--can't see it (how many 13-yr-olds do you know that play with Transformers?). Or, I have to fast-forward through certain parts so he doesn't hear what's being said. Taking out that ONE word would make it a perfectly acceptable movie--yet not change the plot a bit.

Now, I do have to say that there is a certain amount of it that is necessary--in movies geared for adults. Certain types of characters needed for the story would be unbelievable if their language was too clean or their actions too polite. Do movies take it too far sometimes? Yes. Maybe even most of the time. 

I wish there was an easy answer. I wish Hollywood would hear our cries to clean things up. I doubt it will happen though. Maybe kids like you will be able to break into the industry and turn it around for us :).

So for right now, keep doing what you're doing--being a light in the darkness!


Thanks for your advice and encouragement, Kat!
My mom and I heard from an old friend who was going to be in a play. So, trusting him, we went. He said that it was a really funny play. But, it turns, out, that he forgot to mention that it was an ADULT play. So I got up, and left during intermission because it was so crude. Isn't that annoying when you go someplace, or do something, and it wasn't what you expected? It's just that I hate when adults watch movies that are crude, or have romantic PG-13 stuff, that we aren't allowed to watch. I'm not saying at all that kids should watch those horrible movies, but I'm wondering why adult Christians think that it's OK to watch the horrible non-Christian adult movies! The kids of today will be adults, and if we see our parents or friends or people we respect watching something crude, someday some of the wayward kids will watch those too. And what kind of example are we giving to non-Christians when we laugh at the crude parts in movies? It's important that we remember who we live for, and that we also remember that people are constantly watching us, judging us by our actions.
By the way, the name of the play was, "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel". If you are an adult reading this, maybe you can give your point of view. Thanks for reading!