Well, last night I went to the emergency room. I was on the floor in the fetal position, sobbing, so my mom took me. I stayed for about 4 and a half hours. We had people praying for me, so I think that's why I'm better. The pain was in about the same place that my appendix is, so my mom checked out the symptoms on the Internet, and called my friend's mother. My friend had to have her appendix taken out about a year ago, so we were afraid that was it. It sounded like the same symptoms. After 4 hours, the pain practically went away. They did blood samples, and said that my blood cells (I think that's right) were not elevated, which mean that they weren't fighting any disease. That was the first time that I ever had my blood taken in my arms! It hurt a lot in my left arm because they couldn't get to the vein. And of course they used a big needle. Ouch! When they switched to my right arm, I noticed that the left arm vein was all bruised. But they got blood from the right arm. How was that for 'gory' details?! Anyway, we called some friends to ask for their prayer, which I believed saved me. Because on a scale of 1 to 10 of the worst pain I've ever had, this was a 9 or 10. And I wasn't faking it either. So I think God DID have a hand in saving me. And why not? Although He did have a lesson thrown in. The lesson is when you get in a fight, don't punch someone else's nose, because it will just get bloody. Instead, punch their stoumauch, then kick behind their knees, then jump on the pressure vein thing right behind the neck, and in between the shoulder blades. Why is this the lesson, you ask? Well, as I was leaving at midnight, this guy came in surrounded by maybe 5 or 6 police. His shirt was ripped, and their was blood all on his face. So my mom and I figure that he got into a fight. Anyway, I'm finally home, and I'm gonna continue life as always. Because this morning, I'm going with my mom to the library (yay!!!), and food shopping (I'll have to bring a book), and shopping at a Home Depot kind of place. (...............sigh...............) So, thanks for your prayers, and remember: God DOES work miracles But not usually with big flashes of lightning and blue mist. Think of every blessing you have ever been given. That's a miracle. Life, is a miracle. I think sometimes, we don't really think that life is wonderful, special, or amazing. That's probably when we forget God for awhile. Maybe God uses us getting sick, for a reason. Like, now I can be grateful that I usually don't have to have my blood taken, that I can walk normally, that I don't have to have an operation. I really hope you read this WHOLE POST, not just the 'exciting' beginning. We should, as God's special creation, just sit down someplace where we feel closest to God, and just be still. You might be thinking that doing this is too much trouble. Well, considering that He has saved YOU countless of times, I don't think it will put a dent in your schedule. For me, I like being outside when it's windy, like on the Stone Table out back. But everyone has their own quiet place. So feel free to use it!!!!!!!