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I changed my blog background/design, so please let me know if you like it! I added some pictures of me posing with my elf ears as well as some other pictures, on 'My Life', and I added  1 or 2 more videos. Thanks for reading! 

Please pray for my grandmother. She is 83, and she has to have dialysis. She started today. She lives with my family. Dialysis is something that people have to get done whenever their kidneys stop functioning. She goes to a dialysis center 3 days a week, for 4 hours each day. The object is for her blood to be cleansed, so they put needles into her to cleanse the blood. She will start to feel better in the next 6 weeks. So please pray that she becomes comfortable with this, and doesn't get lonely. A lot of the people there look sad or lonely, so I pray that she doesn't become one of them! I think she feels a little sad about this, but about 9 of her friends called her today to cheer her up and ask her how she did. Praise God! : ) 

I just got back from visiting my relatives! We had a big dinner, and I played Wii for the first time! My body is still sore... I jumped over logs, I ran, I played jump-rope, I did baseball, tennis, and boxing! Boxing was especially fun, and I won against many huge 'guys'. Ok, so they're little people in a TV screen, but still! I also went out there to celebrate my B-day (Nov. 1st) with one of my best friends who lives out there! Her B-Day is close to mine, so we did a double party. I also went to a creepy Halloween store. (shudders) All the things were either: (1). Gory or (2). Sleazy.
Like, I saw bloodied hands hanging from meat hooks, or else I saw outfits for adult women called 'The Sexy Firefighter'. I mean, really. How corny can you get?!?!?This is such a crazy world. But, anyway, the reason I went there was to look for elf ears! And I found them! I had so much fun showing them off, hearing the gasps, and having my family say, "Wow, they look so natural! You really look like an elf!"

Signing off~ Katie
I did an interview with Dandi Daley Mackall! Check it out at the Book Pond! I also added pictures of the authors to all of the author interviews I have done, so feel free to check it out at Book Pond.
I wrote a paper about my grandfather, who passed away in 2006. It was written for my Composition class, and I uploaded it in 'My Works'. Also, I uploaded a paper my friend Andrea Joy wrote for the class. It's a really good paper, so please check it out at the 'Book Pond'!