As you know, I went on a trip to Boston with my Homeschool group for 3 days. Well, actually to Plymouth and Boston. The first day was the driving day. We went up to Plymouth, which took 10 hours to drive!!!! Then we went on a long and tiring walking tour of Plymouth. The second day was actually the longest, because we left Plymouth and went to Boston!! I was sort of in a daze, because I didn't know that Boston was a modern day city.  I pretty much pictured a preserved town like Williamsburg. (Which the Homeschool group teens went to last year with the same touring company. That was FUN too!!!) So we would be walking along, right next to skyscrapers, and in the middle of the road would be a tree with a plaque that talked about a hero in the Revolution. While in Boston, we went to a church where we did a debate. We were handed out pieces of paper the day before to read up front in a church. Thankfully, no memorization was needed!!! We had 35 people on the tour, (20 students grade 7 to 12, and 15 adults grade parent to almost grandparent) and each person got one. All the characters on the cards were all male. Anyway, the debate was Patriots versus Loyalists, so of course, I was a Loyalist. My name was Sampson Blower, and I was a lawyer. I don't like acting, but reading something is fine with me! Especially a lawyer!!! : ) So whenever I went to hotels, I would ask for tea. (One of my favorite beverages) I figured that, as I loyalist, it would be perfectly okay! : ) Then at night, the group went up a skyscraper that had 52 floors. I stayed downstairs at the mall with one of the moms. It was the Prudential Center, which is really tall. And I don't really like heights. Or at least, skyscrapers. My friends took great pictures!!!! We got to sleep at the Hyatt in Boston. OHHHHHH! I LOVE it there!!! The glass elevators are the BEST!!!! The third day (and final day) was really packed with stuff to see and do. On all the days, we pretty much got up around 6:00, about an hour earlier than we were supposed to. Because, the girls I was rooming with insisted that we needed an hour and a half to get ready and pack...... 
We went to a big obelisk memorial which had 294 steps!!! The first third, I was tired, the second third, I wanted to give up, and the last part was when I could hardly breathe. Yes, I probably sound like a wimp.... Coming down was a pain too! When we all got to the bottom again, our legs were shaking! My legs are still sore.... : )  But it was interesting! We probably walked 2 miles a day. 
So here are my favorite highlights:
1. eating at a pizza place in Plymouth. A lot of my friends were there, so we had fun with cameras, etc. It was very relaxing. Especially watching from the window, when the older guys in our group got lost crossing the streets and finding the pizza place!!! The three girls sitting with me had fun snickering. As did I. And the guys STILL insist that they weren't lost!!!
2. Riding the elevators in the Hyatt Regency at night.
Wow! That was fun!!!! Me, my adventurous mom, and a couple others had fun riding the glass elevators at night up to the 15th floor! At one point, my mom went to to the 16th floor to check out the ballroom. My friends and I were sooooo worried that people were in there and partying, but in the end, I have a video of her riding the elevator confidently down to my level, where I was so worried for her. Ahhh... the joys of a panicking teen girl....
3. Having a debate over cameras.
My friend and I had a debate over who's camera was better, mine or his. It lasted for about a half hour. Don't tell him, but I still think I won!!! : ) 

All in all, we had a GREAT time on the bus, in Boston, and in Plymouth! 

4/17/2009 11:23:47 am

Sounds...Fun! :) thx for telling us about it

Katie (author of blog)
4/18/2009 01:05:40 am

Is that a sarcastic comment, or a serious one? : )

4/18/2009 09:11:04 am


Katie (author of blog)
4/18/2009 09:54:51 am

Awww... your welcome!! : )

4/21/2009 06:40:44 am

:):):) yep


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