Today I have school..... (Nooooo!) I also will volunteer at the library for about an hour. I wonder how many books I'll get?! MWa-Ha-Ha-Ha. : ) 
P.S. Happy Birthday to my GOOD friend, Kendall!

Hi I saw your blog and wanted to check it out! It's pretty cool!
Going to the library is always fun, but our library is so small, there aren't really any good books. =P at least, not that I've found.
What kind of books do you like to read best? I like fantasy. They are my ABSOLUTE ALL-TIME FAVE. I like the Harry Potter series, Eragon, the Percy Jackson series, you know. That kind of stuff!
Have a good day!! =)

Kendall :)
3/4/2009 13:23:43

Hey katie!! Haha thanks for the birthday message!! Andi hope you had a fun time at the library!

3/4/2009 13:58:05

HI Aleshka! I LOVE the Eragon series!!! I can't wait for the 4th one to come out!! Well, I like Christian fantasy.
So, what classes do you do? And thanks sooo much for
commenting! Hopefully we can message on Veritas!
: )

Mark Horne
3/5/2009 17:00:44

Sorry school was so scary for you ;)

2/25/2011 17:32:37

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