Yesterday, we had 2 families over for dinner.  I don't usually see all the friends who came, (3 are driving, and 1 doesn't live around here) so I had a lot of fun! We started out with a penny challenge. Each of  us kids (and 1 fun adult), were given 10 pennies each. We had to walk around and challenge people to 1 of 3 challenges. If we won, they had to give us a coin, and if we lost, we gave them a coin. The challenges were: a coin toss, thumb wrestling, and rock,paper,scissors. I liked the rock,paper,scissors best, becaaue I had a chance of winning. The coin toss revolves too much on chance. And the thumb wrestling I lost both times I did it because the first time my friend and I thought that we had to pin down the other one's thumb for 10 seconds, not 3. Oops. Then the second time I thumb wrestled, I was up against a friend with a giant thumb, and I wasn't allowed jamming my thumb nail into his thumb, so I lost. I' m a failure. : ( Just kidding. We did a hot dog roast around the fire pit, and we made mountain pies. If anyone doesn't know what a Mountain Pie is, they have been deprived from the pleasure! It's where you make like a sandwich, put it in a metal case, and put it directly into the fire. Or the ashes. I forget which, because a friend of mine nicely made mine! (No, I'm not a wimp.....) You could put like tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni on your mountain pie. Anyway, we had a lot of food that people brought. There was, in all 16 people, and 2 dogs. (That fact IS important later in my story....) We played Canadian Dodgeball (If you don't know what that is, you should look it up, 'cause it it really fun!), and we played with sparklers. And the girls and I did little dances with the sparklers, much to the embarrassment of some other friends. Then we had a birthday party to my dog who is now 9. We had presents (which I had to wrap), and a cupcake for each of the dogs. Her new friend (or acquaintance) even ate his cupcake wrapper!!!!! A neighbor was setting off fireworks, which was so cool! It was so much fun watching everyone, seeing what they were doing, how they responded to different things, etc. : )
So this was a little story into my life.

Signing off ~Katie
(Oh, I always wanted to say that!!!!!)


was the other dog Sid?

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