Well, my grandma is BACK in the hospital again! So we'll be leaving beautiful Florida a couple of days early. :( We hope she'll be feeling better when we get back home, but we'll be driving into a snow storm! NOOOOOO!!! Anyway, I've been spending so much time in the pool, and I went bike-riding today. My sunburn is healing, but I've gained a couple hundred more freckles! A native Floridian has told me that the tourists say suntan lotion, yet the Floridians say sunscreen lotion! I've committed the horrible crime of sounding LIKE A TOURIST!!! :o)  I recently bought a movie called "Speed Racer". Have you ever watched it? It's a guy movie, but I like it! It's based on a cartoon that was made a couple of decades ago. :D


Haven't seen the movie...

Oh yes...you will have quite a surprise coming back here...where we are there's more than 2 feet of snow (and still falling...). I don't know where you live in PA (besides being in the middle) but I'm guessing you have a lot where you are...


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