Life is complex. Or is it? Some people think life is too difficult or tangled. Depression then sets in. Still others consider life as something exceedingly simple; something that only principles or ideas could solve. There are problems on both ends of the scale. But is there really a middle? Can anyone truly figure out the complexities of life? Can someone perfectly balance in the middle? There WAS one. But many 'philosophers' of his day considered him only a lowly carpenter. Can anyone truly be one thing? A wise man became a servant, a king; a carpenter. Sometimes some of the greatest deeds in history have been the result of great sacrifice. Some of the greatest sacrifices are made when a person who has something valuable to him, throws it all away. And saves. Which takes us back to the one person who  completely understood the reason that there is life. He understood that reason with his whole body, mind, heart, and soul. The answer is love. It's because of love that had God create us. It's love that had Him create beautiful things for our pleasure. There IS a reason He forgave us time after time after time. It's not because of greed, but all-loving sacrifice made by an all-forgiving God. Now, THAT principle is simple, yet complex.

7/18/2009 02:01:36 am

Great post!

"There was nothing left then to wonder at the love that turns the stars(or something like that)": Dante, in Paradiso


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