I am soooo excited! Well, for three reasons. I finally finished my paper for my online class! It was about Aeneas, from the Aeneid by Virgil. I had to write from his point of view (aka his brain) during the battle of Troy. Which was kind of hard because I'm not 1. a man
2. a father  or 3. a soldier. I need to proofread it yet (I can't believe I said YET at the end of my sentence!), and then I can send it in!!! Tomorrow is Easter, and I have to do the song slides for the screen at church. I sit up front with the laptop and click the button. I know, soooo hard. (Not). But what if I do it wrong?! And on Tuesday, the Homeschool group is going to Boston for a field trip!
I'll be gone for a couple days. I'll be on a noisy bus for like 10 hours!!! With other teenagers!! The stress.... and noise.... but we're allowed to take our ipods so I can always put the earplugs in if it gets too loud. My weekend is soooo exciting!!! : ) And I also had to pick out an Easter outfit which is a girl thing. So, I'm going to wear pink which is my least favorite color. : ( 
It'll be a great time. And people won't be looking at me anyway in church, because we'll all be focusing on the REASON we're celebrating Easter!
Oh and I'm going to my friend's house and we'll lip synch two Christian contemporary songs. 
 Did you know that Virgil was like the top court guy for epic poem/literature during his time? To top it all off, he was in the court (did they call them courts?) of Caesar Augustus. Better than Homer in my opinion. Just saying. Homer was a traveling bard, whereas Virgil was favored by a Roman Emperor. And Emperors were considered gods at that time. And the best part is, (for me anyway), I can UNDERSTAND his work! In the Odyssey, (by Homer), I couldn't WAIT for the main character to die. My favorite character in the Odyssey, was the only character who hated Odysseus. In the Aeneid, I actually sympathize and understand Aeneas. 
Remember that I said, 'in my opinion.' :o)

4/11/2009 09:42:09 am

sounds like your having a fun and exciting weekend. good luck and doing the slides at church! And it sounds like you did a good job on your report, you seem very educated!! :)

4/11/2009 09:42:41 am

Katie (Owner of blog)
4/11/2009 10:33:47 am

Aww... thanks for the compliment Kendall!! : )

And, 'hi', hi.

(Not that I know who you are..... but, I'll try to be welcoming!) :o)

Thinking of Jesus and His resurrection ~ Katie

4/11/2009 01:31:16 pm

your welcome... :)
have a great Easter!


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