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Hi Everyone! I've been busy doing school (same as all teens). Thankfully, I finished Science, so I have Math, Bible, and my Internet classes. I've been planning to play tennis again this summer. I really like it, and my mom is teaching me (I'm pretty sure she did tennis in college). I've also learned that I have mastered one skill in my time as "Number 1 Lawn Mower from my Family": I can start it! My mom has taken over the annoying job of mowing, but I'll need to learn how to weed-wack. She has trouble starting the mower, so I feel so cool going out there and starting it by myself! 

My friend in the hospital is able to squeeze people's hands, and she follows people with her eye. They have her standing in a contraption that holds her up, but she is still considered to be in a coma. Please keep praying! Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement. 

 I received a book called, "The Clearing" by Heather Davis that I had won. Hopefully, it will be good. If it's weird, the cover is pretty, so I can always just keep it because of that! :D

 I have a question for all of you (maybe I'll write about it in the next blog post). Do you believe that women are lower than men? (Not to open a can of worms or anything). :D

I'll try to add some more quotes soon, so if you have a favorite, please let me know.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! (Or day after Mother's Day). What did you give your mom? I made my mom a wooden planter. I'll try to post a picture in my next blog post. I even got to use a nail gun (insert maniacal laughter HERE).

5/10/2010 21:10:03

That's great that your friend is doing better! Do the doctors have any idea on how much longer she'll be in a coma? I forgot about mother's day until the day of it so I just gave her a card...rather unfortunate.

It depends on what you mean by "women being lower than men." God created them equal, so it is not like men are more human than women. However, God has given certain duties to man that he does not give to woman, and certain duties to woman that he does not give to men.

Katie (author of blog)
5/12/2010 04:05:25

The doctors aren't sure how long she'll be in the coma. They believe it will take maybe about 2 years or a year and a half for all the therapy and things like that. (I'm not positive, though).
I totally agree with your statement! It seems like in one of my Internet classes, the teacher keeps warning the boys against seductresses, and really caring about a guy's opinion over a girl's. It seems like he thinks that God created women as lower than men. Thanks again for giving your opinion; it's nice hearing what a different guy believes! :D

5/12/2010 21:13:37

Wow, I didn't know that the doctors expected her to be in a coma for that long... I'll make sure to keep on praying for her!

Katie (author of blog)
5/12/2010 23:38:27

Again, I'm not sure exactly how long they said she would be in the coma, but I'll ask them when I see them next. Thanks for praying!!! :)


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