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Hi Everyone! I've been busy doing school (same as all teens). Thankfully, I finished Science, so I have Math, Bible, and my Internet classes. I've been planning to play tennis again this summer. I really like it, and my mom is teaching me (I'm pretty sure she did tennis in college). I've also learned that I have mastered one skill in my time as "Number 1 Lawn Mower from my Family": I can start it! My mom has taken over the annoying job of mowing, but I'll need to learn how to weed-wack. She has trouble starting the mower, so I feel so cool going out there and starting it by myself! 

My friend in the hospital is able to squeeze people's hands, and she follows people with her eye. They have her standing in a contraption that holds her up, but she is still considered to be in a coma. Please keep praying! Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement. 

 I received a book called, "The Clearing" by Heather Davis that I had won. Hopefully, it will be good. If it's weird, the cover is pretty, so I can always just keep it because of that! :D

 I have a question for all of you (maybe I'll write about it in the next blog post). Do you believe that women are lower than men? (Not to open a can of worms or anything). :D

I'll try to add some more quotes soon, so if you have a favorite, please let me know.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! (Or day after Mother's Day). What did you give your mom? I made my mom a wooden planter. I'll try to post a picture in my next blog post. I even got to use a nail gun (insert maniacal laughter HERE).

The Author Interview is now up at the Book Pond! 

My friend is now moving to rehab, but she is still unconscious. I'm not really good at doctor stuff, so does anyone know what that means? 

I guess today is my "Not-Understanding-Anything-Day" because I also have another quest for you all! This Bible verse was emailed to me, and I'm not quite sure what it means. To use a fancy word, it INTRIGUES me. Could you help me figure it out? 

"God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship in spirit and truth."
~ John 4:24

Yesterday I helped my friend pick out a Bible that she is buying for a new guy in Sunday School. I hope he likes it! It's NIV and for teens. We went shopping at Ollie's, a good discount store that has an amazing selection of Bible. Do you have one near you? 

Has anyone ever read the Canterbury Tales? I'm reading it for my class, and so far I like it. We had to try to read it in Middle English in front of the whole class, and it was soooo funny! I suggest you research Middle English and find out what it sounds like! It seems sorta like our English, except they throw in odd sounding words. Bye for now!

Guess what?!?!?!? For basically the first time in my life I watched Tom and Jerry Cartoons!!! They are soooo funny! You can always see them on Youtube. I feel so out of it, because I've just now watched them. Today I gave my dog (who's terrified of water), a bath! (Insert evil cackle now) It was SO fun! In my defense, she smelled like dirty, greasy dog, and I HAD to do something about it! But now she's all fluffy and smells like my shampoo. I never realized what a lovely smell it is! ; ) Isn't it amazing how dogs can forget some things and remember others? Like, three minutes after I gave her a bath, she was coming over to me to have her back scratched. Of course, that was right after I gave her two treats. Word of advice to dog owners: Use treats as bribes. They work wonderfully!!!!! Rosie's favorite treat is called a Greenie. You should check it out on Google. They're even considered healthy! 

I just got back from visiting my relatives! We had a big dinner, and I played Wii for the first time! My body is still sore... I jumped over logs, I ran, I played jump-rope, I did baseball, tennis, and boxing! Boxing was especially fun, and I won against many huge 'guys'. Ok, so they're little people in a TV screen, but still! I also went out there to celebrate my B-day (Nov. 1st) with one of my best friends who lives out there! Her B-Day is close to mine, so we did a double party. I also went to a creepy Halloween store. (shudders) All the things were either: (1). Gory or (2). Sleazy.
Like, I saw bloodied hands hanging from meat hooks, or else I saw outfits for adult women called 'The Sexy Firefighter'. I mean, really. How corny can you get?!?!?This is such a crazy world. But, anyway, the reason I went there was to look for elf ears! And I found them! I had so much fun showing them off, hearing the gasps, and having my family say, "Wow, they look so natural! You really look like an elf!"

Signing off~ Katie

My youth group was participation in a 30 Hour Famine. It's where basically you don't eat for 30 hours so that you can see how it fells to not have food. We were raising money for starving kids in other countries. This was part of World Vision. I did it! And I raised $720! So that will feed 2 kids for 1 whole year! The youth group in all made about $950. I'm soooo excited!!


Right now my friend Karlene is visiting from Springfield, PA where she lives. Springfield is near Philadelphia. (She insists that I tell you this little fact.) We had fun dyeing Easter eggs. The first time we tried melting Crayons. It's really cool to put on your hands, because it's thicker than wax, so it stays on longer! Just an interesting fact to all those out there who like dipping their fingers in hot candle wax. Gotta go!
Karlene says 'hi'!
Signing off, Katie